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Single Game Home Runs
DateStudentHome RunsOpponent
03/07/2009Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)2vs. Anzar
04/11/2014Ibarra, Ruben (SFW)2vs. San Lorenzo Valley
04/01/2016Ibarra, Ruben (SFW)2vs. Hollister
04/19/2017Watkins, Chase (SFW)2vs. Scotts Valley
05/04/2018Estrada-haro, Derric (SFW)2vs. Scotts Valley
03/16/2007Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)1vs. Aptos
03/08/2007Gomez, Curtis (SFW)1vs. Trinity Christian
03/13/2007Lucas, Chad (SFW)1vs. The Harker School (San Jose)
03/13/2007Gomez, Curtis (SFW)1vs. The Harker School (San Jose)
04/12/2007Zivanovich, Niko (SFW)1vs. Trinity Christian
Single Game Triples
02/26/2011Crowley, Max (SFW)3vs. Pacific Point Christian School
03/10/2007Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)2vs. Pajaro Valley
02/28/2015Valenzuela, Sahid (SFW)2vs. South San Francisco High Sch (So Sn Francisco)
03/27/2007Zivanovich, Niko (SFW)1vs. Santa Cruz
03/30/2007Gomez, Curtis (SFW)1vs. San Lorenzo Valley
02/24/2007Scurich, Zach (SFW)1vs. Soledad
03/02/2007Zivanovich, Niko (SFW)1vs. Saint Thomas More (San Jose)
03/06/2007Scurich, Zach (SFW)1vs. Pacific Point Christian School
03/06/2007Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)1vs. Pacific Point Christian School
03/06/2007Gomez, Curtis (SFW)1vs. Pacific Point Christian School
Single Game Doubles
04/27/2011Donati, Andrew (SFW)3vs. Pajaro Valley
04/25/2012Nakagawa, Calvin (SFW)3vs. Anzar
04/20/2007Lucas, Chad (SFW)2vs. Harbor
04/13/2007Lucas, Chad (SFW)2vs. Anzar
03/25/2008Gomez, Curtis (SFW)2vs. North Monterey County
03/21/2008Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)2vs. San Lorenzo Valley
02/29/2008Lucas, Chad (SFW)2vs. Pacific Point Christian School
03/22/2008Lucas, Chad (SFW)2vs. Anzar
03/27/2008Norton, Gerry (SFW)2vs. Alisal
03/27/2008Stringari, Josh (SFW)2vs. Alisal
Single Game Hits
04/25/2012Nakagawa, Calvin (SFW)5vs. Anzar
04/01/2013Valenzuela, Sahid (SFW)5vs. Watsonville
04/19/2017Watkins, Chase (SFW)5vs. Scotts Valley
03/16/2007Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)4vs. Aptos
03/08/2008Lucas, Chad (SFW)4vs. Saint Ignatius College Prep (San Francisco)
04/11/2008Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)4vs. Soquel
03/22/2008Lucas, Chad (SFW)4vs. Anzar
03/27/2008Gomez, Curtis (SFW)4vs. Alisal
04/04/2009Gomez, Curtis (SFW)4vs. Lynbrook (San Jose)
04/04/2009Stringari, Josh (SFW)4vs. Lynbrook (San Jose)
Single Game Runs Batted In
04/25/2012Nakagawa, Calvin (SFW)9vs. Anzar
04/19/2017Watkins, Chase (SFW)8vs. Scotts Valley
03/25/2008Gomez, Curtis (SFW)5vs. North Monterey County
03/27/2008Gomez, Curtis (SFW)5vs. Alisal
03/21/2009Zivanovich, Niko (SFW)5vs. Gonzales
03/07/2009Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)5vs. Anzar
03/24/2010Donati, Andrew (SFW)5vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)
02/26/2011Crowley, Max (SFW)5vs. Pacific Point Christian School
04/27/2011Donati, Andrew (SFW)5vs. Pajaro Valley
04/25/2012Mathews, Aiden (SFW)5vs. Anzar
Single Game Steals
03/07/2009Gomez, Curtis (SFW)5vs. Anzar
03/06/2015Valenzuela, Sahid (SFW)5vs. Escalon
04/11/2011Mora, Pablo (SFW)4vs. Andrew P Hill (San Jose)
03/27/2007Lucas, Chad (SFW)3vs. Santa Cruz
03/13/2008Lucas, Chad (SFW)3vs. Saint Thomas More (San Jose)
03/24/2009Gomez, Curtis (SFW)3vs. Saint Thomas More (San Jose)
04/28/2009Gomez, Curtis (SFW)3vs. Harbor
05/09/2009Gomez, Curtis (SFW)3vs. Scotts Valley
03/19/2010Gomez, Curtis (SFW)3vs. Harbor
03/24/2010Lucas, Chad (SFW)3vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)
Single Game Runs Scored
03/10/2010Crowley, Max (SFW)6vs. Pacific Point Christian School
03/10/2010Martin, Max (SFW)5vs. Pacific Point Christian School
04/07/2010Gomez, Curtis (SFW)5vs. Los Banos
03/27/2007Lucas, Chad (SFW)4vs. Santa Cruz
03/27/2008Gomez, Curtis (SFW)4vs. Alisal
03/27/2008Gaspar, Kaohu (SFW)4vs. Alisal
03/07/2009Gomez, Curtis (SFW)4vs. Anzar
03/28/2009Donati, Andrew (SFW)4vs. Pacific Point Christian School
04/08/2015Valenzuela, Sahid (SFW)4vs. Juan Diego Catholic (Draper, UT)
04/19/2017Watkins, Chase (SFW)4vs. Scotts Valley
Single Game Innings Pitched
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