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Single Game Assists
09/23/2005Din, Sarah (MVC)63vs. Seaside
10/13/2005Din, Sarah (MVC)53vs. North Monterey County
10/06/2004Manfre, Rachel (MVC)53vs. Monterey
10/20/2005Din, Sarah (MVC)51vs. Alisal
11/13/2004Manfre, Rachel (MVC)49vs. Valley Christian (San Jose)
09/24/2004Manfre, Rachel (MVC)46vs. Seaside
10/04/2005Din, Sarah (MVC)42vs. San Lorenzo Valley
09/22/2003Day, Sierra (MVC)38vs. North Monterey County
09/04/2003Day, Sierra (MVC)37vs. Harbor
09/17/2002Day, Sierra (MVC)37vs. Soquel
Single Game Kills
11/05/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)35vs. Carmel
11/09/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)28vs. Mercy (Burlingame)
09/07/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)27vs. North Salinas
08/30/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)23vs. The Harker School (San Jose)
09/13/2001Bertetta, Alisha (MVC)23vs. Anzar
09/01/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)22vs. Soquel
10/20/2005Hinman, Mary Anne (MVC)21vs. Alisal
10/07/2014Anderson, Sjea (MVC)20vs. Christopher
10/08/2015Anderson, Sjea (MVC)19vs. Watsonville
11/16/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)18vs. Kelseyville
Single Game Digs
09/18/2014Viglizzo, Tyler (MVC)45vs. Watsonville
10/16/2014Anderson, Sjea (MVC)35vs. Hollister
10/16/2014Soria, Marianne (MVC)32vs. Hollister
09/19/2007Hallock, Megan (MVC)30vs. Scotts Valley
09/10/2014Viglizzo, Tyler (MVC)30vs. Scotts Valley
10/09/2014Anderson, Sjea (MVC)29vs. Everett Alvarez
09/13/2014Viglizzo, Tyler (MVC)29vs. Watsonville
10/24/2017Romo, Mattea (MVC)29vs. Hollister
09/30/2014Viglizzo, Tyler (MVC)28vs. North Monterey County
09/20/2007Hallock, Megan (MVC)28vs. Watsonville
Single Game Blocks
09/18/2014Gilroy, Greyson (MVC)13vs. Watsonville
09/22/2016Tillery, Allie (MVC)10vs. Salinas
09/09/2003Dueck, Christy (MVC)7vs. Soquel
09/22/2003Dueck, Christy (MVC)7vs. North Monterey County
09/05/2007Rank, Molly (MVC)7vs. San Lorenzo Valley
11/15/2003Dueck, Christy (MVC)6vs. Menlo School (Atherton)
10/09/2018Tillery, Allie (MVC)6vs. Salinas
09/09/2014Keathley, Avery (MVC)6vs. San Lorenzo Valley
09/25/2018Albin, Sam (MVC)6vs. Hollister
10/16/2018Rafat, Aleah (MVC)5vs. Christopher
Single Game Aces
11/03/2003Day, Sierra (MVC)8vs. Alisal
11/03/2003Huffman (MVC)8vs. Alisal
11/07/2002Kessinger (MVC)7vs. Everett Alvarez
09/01/2005Sulay, Alyssa (MVC)7vs. Pacific Collegiate
10/11/2005Gerrity, Danielle (MVC)6vs. Everett Alvarez
09/04/2014LaMasters, Kyla (MVC)6vs. Santa Cruz
10/16/2002Mekis (MVC)6vs. Alisal
09/13/2002Kessinger (MVC)6vs. Stevenson
10/07/2002Glover, Lauren (MVC)6vs. North Monterey County
09/24/2003Huffman (MVC)6vs. Seaside
Single Game Service Points
DateStudentServ. Pts.Opponent
08/30/2016Vea, Christine (MVC)12vs. The Harker School (San Jose)
09/01/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)0vs. Soquel
09/01/2016Tillery, Allie (MVC)0vs. Soquel
09/01/2016Anderson, Shelby (MVC)0vs. Soquel
09/07/2016Gilroy, Greyson (MVC)0vs. North Salinas
09/07/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)0vs. North Salinas
09/07/2016Schurman, Cassidy (MVC)0vs. North Salinas
09/15/2016Anderson, Sjea (MVC)0vs. Monterey
09/15/2016Schurman, Cassidy (MVC)0vs. Monterey
09/15/2016Romo, Mattea (MVC)0vs. Monterey
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