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Student Summary for
Hannah Agan
School: Salinas
Grad. Year: 2019
2018-2019 Girls' Water PoloPosition: Number: 4
10/27/2018vs. Santa Cruz3 Shots Attempts; 1 Steals;

10/25/2018vs. SoquelInactive;

10/23/2018vs. Christopher2 Goals; 3 Assists; 5 Shots Attempts; 1 Steals;

10/18/2018vs. Soquel2 Shots Attempts;

10/11/2018vs. Aptos2 Goals; 4 Shots Attempts;

10/09/2018vs. Santa Cruz1 Goals; 3 Shots Attempts;

10/06/2018vs. Stevenson4 Goals; 1 Assists; 6 Shots Attempts; 2 Steals;

10/06/2018vs. Abraham Lincoln (San Jose)1 Goals; 2 Shots Attempts;

10/06/2018vs. The Harker School (San Jose)1 Goals; 4 Shots Attempts;

10/04/2018vs. San Lorenzo Valley1 Goals; 1 Assists; 8 Shots Attempts;

10/02/2018vs. Carmel2 Assists; 2 Shots Attempts; 2 Steals;

09/29/2018vs. Abraham Lincoln (San Jose)3 Goals; 7 Shots Attempts;

09/29/2018vs. Carmel2 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts;

09/29/2018vs. Santa Catalina School2 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts;

09/26/2018vs. Christopher2 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts;

09/24/2018vs. Soquel1 Shots Attempts;

09/17/2018vs. Aptos1 Goals; 4 Shots Attempts;

09/12/2018vs. Santa Cruz2 Shots Attempts;

09/10/2018vs. San Lorenzo Valley4 Goals; 1 Assists; 8 Shots Attempts;

09/05/2018vs. Carmel4 Goals; 2 Assists; 6 Shots Attempts; 3 Steals;

09/01/2018vs. Hanford Joint Union Hs West (Hanford)1 Shots Attempts;

09/01/2018vs. Central (Fresno)4 Goals; 7 Shots Attempts;

08/31/2018vs. Bullard (Fresno)

08/31/2018vs. Floyd B Buchanan (Clovis)2 Goals; 4 Shots Attempts;

2017-2018 Girls' Water PoloPosition: Number: 4
10/21/2017vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)1 Assists; 1 Shots Attempts;

10/21/2017vs. Carmel

10/20/2017vs. Abraham Lincoln (San Jose)1 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts; 1 Steals;

10/19/2017vs. Santa Cruz

10/17/2017vs. San Lorenzo Valley1 Goals; 3 Shots Attempts;

10/10/2017vs. Aptos1 Assists; 3 Shots Attempts;

10/03/2017vs. Christopher1 Goals; 3 Shots Attempts;

09/30/2017vs. Santa Catalina School1 Goals; 2 Shots Attempts;

09/30/2017vs. Abraham Lincoln (San Jose)2 Goals; 6 Shots Attempts;

09/30/2017vs. Christopher1 Shots Attempts;

09/28/2017vs. Carmel

09/27/2017vs. Soquel

09/26/2017vs. Santa Cruz5 Shots Attempts; 1 Steals;

09/21/2017vs. San Lorenzo Valley2 Shots Attempts; 1 Steals;

09/14/2017vs. Aptos1 Shots Attempts;

09/12/2017vs. Soquel

09/07/2017vs. Christopher2 Shots Attempts;

09/02/2017vs. Los Banos

09/02/2017vs. Central (Fresno)1 Goals; 2 Shots Attempts;

09/01/2017vs. Edison (Fresno)1 Shots Attempts;

09/01/2017vs. San Joaquin Memorial High Sch (Fresno)3 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts;

08/31/2017vs. Carmel5 Shots Attempts;

2016-2017 Girls' Water PoloPosition: Number: 4
All Monterey Bay League (Pacific) selection.
11/01/2016vs. Palo Alto Senior (Palo Alto)1 Assists; 2 Steals;

10/29/2016vs. Santa Catalina School2 Goals; 1 Assists; 2 Steals;

10/27/2016vs. Gilroy1 Steals;

10/25/2016vs. Santa Catalina School1 Goals;

10/22/2016vs. Abraham Lincoln (San Jose)1 Steals;

10/22/2016vs. Santa Teresa (San Jose)1 Goals;

10/21/2016vs. Irvington (Fremont)1 Goals; 2 Assists; 1 Steals;

10/20/2016vs. Stevenson3 Goals; 1 Assists; 1 Steals;

10/18/2016vs. Aptos1 Goals; 1 Steals;

10/13/2016vs. Everett Alvarez1 Goals;

10/11/2016vs. Santa Catalina School1 Goals; 1 Assists;

10/07/2016vs. Live Oak (Morgan Hill)4 Goals; 3 Steals;

10/04/2016vs. Monterey1 Goals; 2 Assists;

09/29/2016vs. Harbor1 Goals; 1 Steals;

09/27/2016vs. Gilroy1 Goals; 1 Steals;

09/20/2016vs. Stevenson2 Goals; 1 Steals;

09/17/2016vs. Abraham Lincoln (San Jose)

09/17/2016vs. Santa Teresa (San Jose)1 Steals;

09/17/2016vs. Carmel2 Goals;

09/13/2016vs. Everett Alvarez2 Goals; 1 Steals;

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