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Student Summary for
Robert Brown
School: Carmel
Grad. Year: 2019
2018-2019 Boys' BasketballPosition: Number:
01/25/2019vs. Monte Vista ChristianFG: 1; FT: 2-4; 4 Points;

01/23/2019vs. SalinasFG: 2; 4 Points;

01/18/2019vs. MontereyFG: 2; FT: 0-2; 4 Points;

01/09/2019vs. Pacific GroveFG: 3; 3PT: 1; 9 Points;

01/05/2019vs. SoquelFG: 3; FT: 1-3; 7 Points;

01/03/2019vs. Half Moon Bay

12/29/2018vs. ChristopherFG: 3; FT: 1-2; 7 Points;

12/20/2018vs. Branson School The (Ross)FT: 2-2; 2 Points;

12/15/2018vs. AntelopeFG: 3; 6 Points;

12/14/2018vs. Liberty Union (Brentwood)FG: 1; 2 Points;

12/13/2018vs. Pajaro ValleyFG: 2; FT: 2-2; 6 Points;

12/11/2018vs. North Monterey CountyFG: 3; 6 Points;

12/06/2018vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)FG: 1; FT: 2-4; 4 Points;

12/04/2018vs. AptosFG: 3; FT: 2-4; 8 Points;

2018-2019 FootballPosition: Number: 33
Named Monterey Bay League Mission Division Most Valuable Defensive Player. All Monterey Bay League Mission Division selection.
12/01/2018vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)10 tackles;8 assists;1 tackles for loss;2 sacks;

11/24/2018vs. Gonzales10 tackles;5 assists;2 tackles for loss;

11/10/2018vs. Mount Pleasant (San Jose)7 tackles;4 assists;2 tackles for loss;1 sacks;

11/03/2018vs. Pacific Grove2 pass breakups;4 tackles;6 assists;1 tackles for loss;

10/27/2018vs. Alisal1 pass breakups;3 tackles;10 assists;1 sacks;

10/19/2018vs. North Salinas1 tackles;6 assists;0.5 sacks;2 fumbles recovered;

10/13/2018vs. Soledad2 tackles;1 assists;5 tackles for loss;1 sacks;2 forced fumbles;1 fumbles recovered;

10/05/2018vs. Watsonville1 tackles;1 assists;2 tackles for loss;

09/28/2018vs. Monte Vista Christian2 tackles;12 assists;3 tackles for loss;1 sacks;

09/22/2018vs. Scotts Valley2.5 sacks;

09/07/2018vs. King City1 pass breakups;10 assists;2 tackles for loss;2 sacks;1 forced fumbles;1 punt blocks;

08/31/2018vs. North Monterey County5 tackles;1 assists;2 sacks;

08/24/2018vs. Salinas3 tackles;4 assists;3 tackles for loss;1 sacks;

2017-2018 Boys' BasketballPosition: Number:
12/16/2017vs. AptosFG: 0-1; FT: 1-2; REB: 3; AST: 1; TO: 2; 1 Points;

12/15/2017vs. EscalonFG: 1-1; FT: 0-2; REB: 2; AST: 1; STL: 2; TO: 1; 2 Points;

12/14/2017vs. Santa CruzFG: 1-3; FT: 2-2; 3PT: 0-3; REB: 4; AST: 1; TO: 1; 4 Points;

12/07/2017vs. North SalinasFG: 4-8; FT: 0-1; REB: 3; AST: 1; STL: 1; TO: 1; 8 Points;

12/01/2017vs. MontereyFG: 1-2; REB: 6; AST: 1; STL: 1; TO: 3; 2 Points;

11/28/2017vs. Pajaro ValleyFG: 2-5; FT: 0-2; REB: 10; TO: 2; 4 Points;

2017-2018 FootballPosition: Number: 33
Named Mission Trail Athletic League Lineman of the Year. All Mission Trail Athletic League selection. Named by the Monterey County Herald to the All Monterey County Football Team.
11/03/2017vs. Pacific Grove3 tackles;1 tackles for loss;1.5 sacks;

10/28/2017vs. King City1 pass breakups;1 tackles;1 assists;1 tackles for loss;

10/14/2017vs. Stevenson1 pass breakups;5 tackles;1 tackles for loss;

10/06/2017vs. San Lorenzo Valley1 sacks;

09/29/2017vs. Scotts Valley4 tackles;3 tackles for loss;

09/22/2017vs. Soledad2 pass breakups;3 tackles;4 assists;1 tackles for loss;

09/16/2017vs. North Monterey County7 tackles;2 assists;6 tackles for loss;3 sacks;1 forced fumbles;1 fumbles recovered;

09/09/2017vs. Christopher2 pass breakups;5 tackles;2 assists;

09/02/2017vs. Gilroy2 tackles;1 assists;4 tackles for loss;

08/25/2017vs. Willow Glen (San Jose)1 assists;1 tackles for loss;1 sacks;

2016-2017 FootballPosition: Number:
10/22/2016vs. King City1 sacks;

10/14/2016vs. Soledad1 sacks;

10/07/2016vs. Greenfield3 assists;

09/30/2016vs. Marina6 assists;2 tackles for loss;

09/24/2016vs. Stevenson2 tackles for loss;

09/09/2016vs. Christopher2 interceptions;1 pass breakups;2 assists;0.5 sacks;

09/02/2016vs. Scotts Valley1 tackles for loss;

08/26/2016vs. Willow Glen (San Jose)2 assists;1 sacks;

2015-2016 FootballPosition: Number:
11/21/2015vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)1 tackles;

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