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Student Summary for
Michael Ramirez
School: Everett Alvarez
Grad. Year: 2018
2017-2018 BaseballPosition: Number:
03/09/2018vs. AlisalH: 2; RBI: 1;

2017-2018 Boys' BasketballPosition: Number: 4
All Monterey Bay League Pacific Division selection.
12/01/2017vs. Fountain ValleyREB: 6; STL: 1;

11/30/2017vs. Cristo Rey (San Jose)FG: 2; REB: 8; AST: 2; STL: 2; BLK: 1; 4 Points;

2017-2018 FootballPosition: Number: 7
Named by the Monterey County Herald to the All Monterey County Football Team.
11/09/2017vs. Aptos9 carries for 27yds; 6 tackles;4 assists;

11/03/2017vs. North SalinasRamirez, Michael 2 yd touchdown run Failed Kick
21 carries for 196yds; 1 recepts for 2yds; 1 interceptions;7 tackles;2 assists;

10/27/2017vs. Salinas19 carries for 75yds; 1 recepts for 4yds; 12 tackles;4 assists;

10/20/2017vs. SeasideRamirez, Michael 6 yd touchdown run Failed 2 Point conversion
23 carries for 175yds; 3 recepts for 28yds; 1 interceptions;12 tackles;2 assists;

10/06/2017vs. Monte Vista ChristianRamirez, Michael 47 yd touchdown run Brathwaite, Daniel Kick
26 carries for 195yds; 1 recepts for 1yds; 1 interceptions;13 tackles;5 assists;

09/29/2017vs. Palma11 carries for 39yds; 1 recepts for 5yds; 18 tackles;3 assists;

09/22/2017vs. HollisterRamirez, Michael 1 yd touchdown run Bravo, Isaiah Kick
15 carries for 52yds; 1 recepts for 11yds; 5 tackles;5 assists;

09/08/2017vs. Burlingame12 carries for 96yds; 4 tackles;1 assists;

09/01/2017vs. AlisalRamirez, Michael 14 yd touchdown run Bravo, Isaiah Kick
17 carries for 130yds; 2 recepts for 86yds; 6 tackles;1 assists;

08/25/2017vs. North Monterey CountyRamirez, Michael 0 yd touchdown run (team) Kick
Ramirez, Michael 81 yd interception return (team) Kick
14 carries for 97yds; 1 fumbles, 1 lost; 1 interceptions;3 tackles;1 assists;

2016-2017 BaseballPosition: Number:
04/03/2017vs. Pajaro ValleyH: 2;

2016-2017 Boys' BasketballPosition: Number:
Named to the Alvarez Eagle Classic All-Tournament Team. Named to the North Salinas Steinbach Classic All-Tournament Team.
2016-2017 FootballPosition: Number: 7
All Monterey Bay League Gabilan Division selection.
11/04/2016vs. North SalinasRamirez, Michael 0 yd touchdown run (team) Kick
33 carries for 232yds; 7 tackles;1 assists;

10/28/2016vs. SalinasRamirez, Michael 1 yd touchdown run Lazaro, Ronaldo Kick
13 carries for 33yds; 1 interceptions;3 tackles;1 fumbles recovered;

10/21/2016vs. ChristopherRamirez, Michael 3 yd touchdown run Lazaro, Ronaldo Kick
22 carries for 108yds; 2 recepts for 6yds; 2 fumbles, 1 lost; 4 tackles;

10/07/2016vs. Monte Vista Christian15 carries for 103yds; 1 recepts for 3yds; 1 interceptions;5 tackles;1 assists;

09/30/2016vs. PalmaRamirez, Michael 3 yd touchdown run Failed Kick
17 carries for 86yds; 1 recepts for 6yds; 1 interceptions;14 tackles;3 assists;

09/23/2016vs. HollisterRamirez, Michael 3 yd touchdown run Lazaro, Ronaldo Kick
7 carries for 35yds; 2 recepts for 21yds; 13 tackles;3 assists;

09/02/2016vs. AlisalRamirez, Michael 4 yd touchdown run Lazaro, Ronaldo Kick
10 carries for 61yds; 2 recepts for 13yds;

08/26/2016vs. North Monterey CountyRamirez, Michael 3 yd touchdown run Lazaro, Ronaldo Kick
15 carries for 72yds; 1 recepts for 2yds; 2 tackles;

2015-2016 Boys' BasketballPosition: Number: 32
02/23/2016vs. Silver Creek (San Jose)FG: 1; FT: 1-1; 3 Points;

01/29/2016vs. AlisalFG: 2; FOUL: 1; 4 Points;

01/06/2016vs. AlisalFT: 0-1; FOUL: 1;

2015-2016 FootballPosition: RB/OLBNumber: 7
10/09/2015vs. Monte Vista Christian3 carries for 14yds; 1 recepts for 44yds;

09/11/2015vs. AlisalRamirez, Michael 10 yd touchdown run (team) Kick
1 carries for 10yds;

2014-2015 Boys' BasketballPosition: Number:
01/30/2015vs. AlisalFG: 1; FT: 0-2; 2 Points;

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