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Single Game Assists
05/12/2009Christensen, Alex (SOQ)55vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)
03/31/2009Christensen, Alex (SOQ)53vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/04/2010Denevan, Graham (SOQ)51vs. Saint Francis (Mountain View)
04/21/2009Christensen, Alex (SOQ)48vs. Aptos
03/26/2015Tabula, Aaron (SOQ)46vs. Harbor
03/10/2009Christensen, Alex (SOQ)46vs. Aptos
04/11/2013Cohen, Jesse (SOQ)45vs. Aptos
05/09/2013Cohen, Jesse (SOQ)45vs. Sacred Heart-Cathedral Prep (San Francisco)
03/09/2010Denevan, Graham (SOQ)43vs. Aptos
03/07/2013Cohen, Jesse (SOQ)39vs. Homestead (Cupertino)
Single Game Kills
05/12/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)39vs. Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)
04/21/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)36vs. Aptos
03/04/2010Cook, Brian (SOQ)33vs. Saint Francis (Mountain View)
03/31/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)33vs. San Lorenzo Valley
04/28/2016Bowles, Jake (SOQ)32vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/08/2018Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)31vs. Harbor
03/26/2015Cook, Kobi (SOQ)27vs. Harbor
03/02/2010Cook, Brian (SOQ)27vs. Harbor
04/23/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)27vs. Scotts Valley
03/20/2015Cook, Kobi (SOQ)25vs. Pacific Collegiate
Single Game Digs
04/28/2016Bowles, Jake (SOQ)38vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/22/2016Bowles, Jake (SOQ)26vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/07/2018Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)26vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/14/2018Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)25vs. Santa Cruz
04/28/2016Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)25vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/03/2016Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)25vs. Harbor
03/26/2009Camp, Chris (SOQ)22vs. Mount Madonna School
04/13/2018Burke, Josiah (SOQ)21vs. Santa Cruz
04/20/2016Bowles, Jake (SOQ)20vs. Santa Cruz
03/22/2016Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)20vs. San Lorenzo Valley
Single Game Blocks
04/18/2006Scruggs, Jake (SOQ)12vs. Harbor
03/11/2008Cook, Brian (SOQ)9vs. Aptos
03/07/2018Malmberg, Jordy (SOQ)7vs. San Lorenzo Valley
04/24/2006Scruggs, Jake (SOQ)7vs. Scotts Valley
03/30/2006Scruggs, Jake (SOQ)7vs. Aptos
03/11/2008Lara, Fernando (SOQ)7vs. Aptos
04/21/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)6vs. Aptos
03/04/2010Roberto, Chris (SOQ)6vs. Saint Francis (Mountain View)
04/23/2009Roberto, Chris (SOQ)5vs. Scotts Valley
03/06/2008Lara, Fernando (SOQ)5vs. Harbor
Single Game Aces
03/17/2015Cook, Kobi (SOQ)17vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/10/2015Cook, Kobi (SOQ)11vs. Scotts Valley
04/24/2008Cook, Brian (SOQ)11vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/25/2010Denevan, Graham (SOQ)9vs. Harbor
03/10/2015Rhodes, Diego (SOQ)7vs. Scotts Valley
03/20/2015Cook, Kobi (SOQ)7vs. Pacific Collegiate
03/24/2017Adamsen, Cash (SOQ)7vs. Scotts Valley
03/10/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)6vs. Aptos
03/17/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)6vs. Mount Madonna School
04/14/2009Cook, Brian (SOQ)6vs. Seaside
Single Game Service Points
DateStudentServ. Pts.Opponent
05/03/2005Walker, Evan (SOQ)0vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/17/2005Scruggs, Jake (SOQ)0vs. Harbor
03/23/2006Walker, Evan (SOQ)0vs. Harbor
03/17/2005Christie, Ian (SOQ)0vs. Harbor
03/17/2005Walker, Evan (SOQ)0vs. Harbor
05/03/2005Cohen, Adam (SOQ)0vs. San Lorenzo Valley
03/30/2006Scruggs, Jake (SOQ)0vs. Aptos
04/04/2006Cohen, Adam (SOQ)0vs. San Lorenzo Valley
05/02/2006Walker, Evan (SOQ)0vs. Aptos
03/23/2006Scruggs, Jake (SOQ)0vs. Harbor
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